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Experts in PPE, Disinfectants, Cleaning Products,
Hand Sanitizers, Nitrile Gloves & More

Experts in PPE, Disinfectants, Cleaning Products, Hand Sanitizers, Nitrile Gloves & More

Industry's First B2B Platform for Safety & Health Product Sales Automation

With decades of Procurement & Logistics experience, the GML & GCG Supply Chain Corporation (GCG) teams have aligned to bring to you and your company secure & solid Vendor contractual relationships with prominent processors of Safety Products & Personal Protective Products (PPE), both domestically and globally, enabling an open door direct source program to secure and satisfy entrepreneurs' corporate requirements. From the supply of Masks & N95s to Disinfecting Naval Battle Ships, we have the product and solution to assist your Safety Products & PPE requirements.

Product for Every Industry

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Environmentally-Friendly Absorbent Products to clean Hazardous Hydrocarbon Spills, large and small

Green Hand Sanitizers and Non-toxic Disinfectants

Cleaners / Disinfectants

Cleaners / Disinfectants

Advanced lines of Disinfectants, Cleaners and Restoration Products; Commercial and Institutional

Comprehensive lines of Sanitizer Products; Commercial, Institutional, and Retail

PPE Products

PPE Products

Extensive line of Personal Protection Equipment products



Our company is proud to offer Products which meet all Government Certifications and Standards in aiding to stop the spread of infection of COVID-19

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Peat Sorb

The World's Green Absorbent Solution for Oil & Chemical Spill.


GCG& Meditech, through a new and close collaboration and involvement in the medical community, provide wholesale supply chain solutions of trustworthy PPE devices for Medical & Non-Medical applications to North American markets.


Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, No Rinse Disinfectant.

GCG Foggers, Electrostatic Sprayers & Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

GCG provides Cold Misters/Foggers, an Electrostatic sprayer to deliver disinfectants, and a free-standing hand sanitizing kiosk with HD Multi-Touch Display.