Our Story

GML Enterprise Inc.

A Brief Overview of the Company

GCG Supply Chain Corporation is a provider of Environmental Safety Products and Personal Protective Equipment with service & supply solutions around the globe. GCG is determined to be an Industry Leader in the Distribution and supply of Government approved pandemic/public safety products worldwide. In partnership with GML Enterprises inc. whose focus is customer satisfaction and best in market products both dynamic corporate entities have come together to form one of North Americas' most powerful providers of essential products to serve the marketplace, making this unique relationship a welcomed addition to the market, to better serve our clients. Another facet of GML'S partnership with Grocers Capital Supply Chain is within the food and grocery industry. With more than 20 years experience in this industry we have created strategic alliances which benefits Food Service Operators, Vendors, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Farmers around the world. Our focus on international export and bulk sourcing clout allows us to provide significant value add programs, including; reduced vendor product costing. 

Our Core Values

The joint core values of GCG and GML:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect for our employees and communities
  • Valued partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Financial success

As many other companies in this business segment are unable to keep up with the high demands of products, services, and solutions during these difficult days especially, the results of poor supply place unreasonable pressure on all market segments, including our Health care, Hospitals, Front line workers, dental, home health care, as well as our corporate Institutions and Commercial entities who require reliable products and services in a timely manner. This GML/GCG partnership provides you and all segments of the markets with a full range of Environmental Safety Products and PPE Solutions to meet your specific needs. Our deep knowledge and expertise in all facets of Safety Products & PPE, combined with our experienced supply chain services, enables us to make the process of business & supply easier and more reliable for you and your buying needs by solving the problems you face today, and by identifying new opportunities for your tomorrow.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Reliable and on-time product delivery, we will ensure best-of-breed products and pricing as a part of our strong Partnership relations with Companies who have been in the Safety Products & PPE business for more than 30 years. We have invested in a world-class e-commerce Platform, strong and talented leadership to ensure full success. A broad commitment to sustainability and social responsibility makes us proud and drives us to be the best in the market.

We are committed to being a valued partner to our customers and suppliers, providing Intelligent Delivery to serve the needs of Canada, the USA, and other international markets.

GML Enterprise Inc.
GML Enterprise Inc.
GML Enterprise Inc.