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The GML & GCG teams work very closely with Governments around the globe, Health industry segments & Public Heath Announcements related to COVID, Health Canada, FDA & EPA Governmental Standards, and more, as it relates to the world of Safety Products & Personal Protective Equipment. Our aim is to always keep our clients informed.

Our strong relationships with News Media Outlooks throughout the Americas and Internationally will ensure that GML & GCG will bring important information to your attention in a timely manner. Whether it be Oil Leaks from an ocean freighter in waters globally that threaten our waterfronts to updated technical data related to PPE, our teams are on it.

Watch this section for upcoming News events and announcements.

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During these difficult days of Pandemic and the required protective actions of distancing and restrictive travel policies, the GML & GCG teams have designed & prepared Virtual Events. Events that are designed to focus on any one of our power products with the aim of providing our valued clients with the necessary support information required in order to make informed sourcing decisions.

Please let us know your interest in participating in our future Virtual Event sessions.

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