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Peat Sorb for oil spills

Environmentally Friendly & Responsible Absorbent Products

The most effective way to clean and absorb hazardous hydrocarbon spills is with the most environmentally friendly & responsible absorbent products available today. From Marine Oil Tanker spills affecting our shorelines to oil & hydraulic spills in our home garages, Peat Sorb is the solution. Endorsed by countries around the globe, including Canada and the USA.

This quick video of Peat Sorb will show you how to cleanup a Hydrocarbon spill ON LAND OR WATER!

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Peat Sorb Oil, Waste Oil and Diesel Test

This quick video of the Peat Sorb test will show you the easy and quick cleaning of waste oil and diesel with Peat Sorb and its amazing absorbent capacity.

Emergency Response Team (CERT.)

We are your certified hydrocarbon spill emergency response team. If you are experiencing a hydrocarbon spill on land or water, contact us immediately. We use the government of Canada-certified environmentally safe products to solve your problem.

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Peat Sorb FAQs

PEAT SORB comes from environmentally managed and harvested peat bogs. Peat Sorb is a revolutionary hydrocarbon aBsorbent made from Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. When dehydrated through a proprietary heating process, it becomes a product with unparalleled aBsorption capabilities. Peat Sorb is not to be confused with Horticultural peat.


Wherever there is a hydrocarbon spill ON LAND or on WATER!

LAND: As this product is a highly efficient aBsorbent, you will require less Peat Sorb than any other product to clean up a spill. Simply apply Peat Sorb around the perimeter of the spill. This will disallow the spill to spread further. If it is a hydrocarbon, the Peat Sorb will begin to change colour from light brown to black. Apply Peat Sorb to the remainder of the spill. Once it stops changing colour simply sweep or rake the peat sorb and dispose of it. PEAT SORB has approximately ten times more absorbance than Clay-based aDsorbents. One pound of Peat Sorb will absorb approximately 1 US gallon or 4 litres of hydrocarbon. Peat Sorb absorbs on contact, and the hydrocarbon is encapsulated. No leaching or leaking occurs!

WATER: Peat Sorb is hydrophobic, and therefore it floats on water. It will float for several days before it starts to re-hydrate. The absorbed and encapsulated hydrocarbon, however, will not leach or leak! Peat Sorb has a proven history of working on water from shorelines to smaller spills. It can be easily be removed with skimmers, where required.

Peat moss is a renewable resource. There are 270,000,000 acred and peat in Canada. Only 40,000 acres are being harvested! Only .02% of the peat moss areas are being used! Peat moss is growing at a rate of 70 times faster than it is being harvested! Peat moss will not run out at this rate for generations and will be able to provide our aBsorbent products for generations to come.
SOURCE: North American Wetlands Council and The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association.

From large scale Oil Spill Disasters threatening our environment and shorelines – to - factory hydrocarbon spills – to – autos leaking Oils in our garages at home, Peat Sorb is the absolute solution to absorb every drop. Talk to GCG for more information and support.

No! If one considers it, in addition to its tremendous ability to clean up spills, it is lightweight, and its absorption abilities make it lower cost to ship and reduce the amount of absorbing material required. Therefore, warehousing costs are reduced substantially. Person hours required to clean up a hydrocarbon spill are greatly reduced compared to clay-based products. You may be permitted to dispose of used PEAT SORB in a Sanitary Landfill depending on local regulations. We recommend checking with your landfill on their classifications and requirements.